Hello, Welcome to our Blog!


Welcome to A Joint Effort’s blog… where we’ll try to kill your time with a varied assortment of shop stories, profiles of our friends & shop mates, and pictures of desserts we make and bring to work. We hope you enjoy crass humor and strawberry rhubarb pie!

On the real though, we wanted to create a blog for an easy way keep you all updated with major (and minor) changes here at A Joint Effort. We want to hear back from you all too, so please comment! And wood you keep the wood jokes to a minimum, damnit…

We’ve been working a lot recently on building out our online and social media presence, and I guess that includes something like a blog. Like I said, we’ll use this mostly to keep everyone up to date on the goings-on around here. And to keep all of our fans entertained with our enthralling blog-writing skills.

Don’t forget to check out Our Company page, to read more about Josh, Max, & Andrea, and what we all bring to the table. I’m Andrea, and I’ll be doing most of the writing around here— so if you have any compliments on my well-written humor and stellar grammar skills, you know who to address.

Thanks for being here! Can’t wait to hear what you all think.